10 Tips For Your Programming Career

Wednesday, Jun 03

Programming isn’t going anywhere for a long time, in fact, it is probably one of the hardest jobs to fill in the tech world yet we need more as our technology becomes more advanced. As a programmer learns more, they tend to run into more errors as their code becomes longer and complex. These tips for your programming career will not only benefit you but also advise that there are other ways to solving your problems; and without further ado, let us dive in.


1. Stack Overflow is Your Friend

Without Stack Overflow, most programmers would have just given up trying to solve their code, but it is here and isn’t going anywhere so use it to your advantage. Try to look through all the possible solutions rather than just the upvoted or most popular ones as the code may not work in your case.


2. Keep The Code To A Minimum

When possible, keep the code repetition to a low. Most beginners tend to do this and quite frankly, it is unprofessional. Remove all of the repeated code and replace it with a single line if possible. For example in Python, functions are used to eradicate this problem.


3. Don’t Assume The Code Will Work

Most of the time. the code you have written will not do what you expect. Therefore this requires testing and perhaps multiple snippets of code in order to achieve a successful output, which in the end helps you experiment and expand your knowledge.


4. Silly Errors

Even the silliest of things can stop code from actually working, whether it be the grammar, clearing cache, or even your internet connection. It could, funnily enough, be causing you issues.


5. Set a Career Goal

The future awaits, but are you ready to explore it? Expand your programming expertise to a variety of potential fields that may in fact be your cup of tea. What you may become could be different from what you expect to be. The more skills you develop, the more doors of opportunities you open, as well as a higher salary at the end of the day.


6. Go the Extra Step

There is no wrong in being an overachiever, the industry is full of them. The better you grasp the language doing an endless amount of coding projects, the more of a possibility that your work could be seen by potential employers, letting them know just how serious you are.


7. Push Yourself Outside the Comfort Zone

Doing exercises that you feel very confident doing typically is a sign that they are either basic or you have done something similar. Combing all of what you have learned will make you successful, but to do that you have to accept that it will be difficult and often frustrating along the way.


8. Plan on Paper

Sometimes, a person may find that it is much better visualizing their plan on paper as this helps prepare them for what they are actually going to code. Writing an algorithm out in something like pseudocode first is much easier than coding it right? That way, you have already completed the hard part, now put it into a language the computer understands.


9. Don’t Ruin Your Health

Jobs like programming that include sitting at a desk for countless hours staring at a screen can really damage one’s mental health. For example, vertigo, a sensation in which the environment appears to be spinning, has shown to affect the way a person works. When able, take your mind off everything work-related and relax.


10. Prepare for Your Future

You have to at some point make the transition to an even more successful career by getting ready for ‘the interview’. From identifying and solving problems to giving a presentation, you should be ready in every scenario. Immerse yourself in the world of code by watching technical influencers, listening to podcasts, or reenacting interviews with a friend.