Programming has a variety of languages, and today I will be discussing the top languages by salary of this year in my opinion. These languages vary from beginner to expert level.


JavaScript has risen over the years due to how dominant it has become with more and more web developers coming to develop this language into their websites with the help of HTML and CSS. If you enjoy immediately seeing your results in action, then JavaScript is the one for you. The requirements for JavaScript actually having an effect on your website is as I’ve mentioned HTML and CSS. With the power of the 3, you can design stunning websites for clients, customising it to their preferability with amazing animations, since you know JavaScript of course. The salary ranges between £62,000 – £103,000 according to CWJobs.


Python is a scripting language which is mainly used for web programming. It is highly anticipated because most coders look at Python as a beginner’s language due to being fairly basic compared to other languages. It is the second best in terms of salary with an average developer earning $123,743 according to Indeed. With Python, you can mess around in the back-end of a website, dealing with the data that comes through and storing it in a database and whatnot. It really is capable of making whatever program you would like to make with the use of control flow, functions and scope.


Swift is Apple’s Programming language and it is a fantastic way to write software for any device. Swift lets you experiment with code and see the end results of it immediately, like JavaScript. Mostly, Swift is used to get the most out of modern software, continuously releasing new features. The fact that Apple made this language open-source is a huge game-changer, since people would want to design apps for the iOS platform, accelerating its developer count. Before you knew it, Apple went from a complete fail to a multi millionaire company, with the help of Swift and Steve Jobs. The salary for a Swift developer ranges between £23,000 – £65,000 according to Glassdoor UK.