Our Design Process

What you can expect from us during the design process.

How We Work

We use an easy-to-follow process for delivering high-quality websites at a reasonable price. It’s very important that you understand how we work before consulting to ensure that you are certain about working with us. Our process is shown down below but if you would like to discuss the process in more depth, get in touch through contacting us and we will be happy to guide you through it.

Stage 1 – Sign Up


Sign Up

Stage 2 – Design

The design of the website will be created using Adobe Xd in which we will work with you in exchanging ideas until we arrive at the final design. Factors such as the brand and target audience play an important part in developing the overall visual style of your site. We offer 15 revisions and it is important that we do not start the build until you are happy.

However, do note that once we move on from the Design Stage to the Development Stage, any further changes may incur an additional charge unless you have not used all 15 revisions.



Stage 3 – Development

Once the design is agreed upon, the website moves into development. The graphic elements from this model will be used to develop a digital version of the approved Xd design. This involves taking the design and coding it so that it functions and appears well across all devices and screen sizes. Every website we create is responsive, otherwise known as mobile-friendly. At this stage, you will need to supply the content for every page and if it’s an e-commerce website, we will show you how to add products and categories to the website.

You will get a testing link to view the website once we have everything in place. 25% of the overall cost will be paid at end this stage.



Stage 4 – Launch

Before launch, testing will need to be carried out in order to make sure that the site is functioning as it should. If you already own your desired domain name, then we will work through different options to recommend the best domain configuration for your project. Regardless if it’s a new or an existing domain, we will check in with search engine optimisation where it is needed and let Google know to re-index the website. When the website is ready, we will push it to go live on the web.

The final 25% of the payment is due at the end of this stage, and then the project will be signed off from us.



Stage 5 – Support

The job does not end when your site goes live, it is however the start for many clients! We are here to support you as much or as little as you need and we offer 1 content addition per month for free for startup or premium projects, this includes adding new pages or redesigning older pages. If your site is a blog, a shop or somewhat similar, you will have full control in adding additional content where we add the appropriate SEO techniques after. As your business grows, we do offer lifetime technical support on your site so we are just a message away if you need us.