How to Learn Programming

Wednesday, Aug 14

Simply, programming is a set of rules that a computer follows to execute programs. Programming can be done in multiple languages such as SQL, Java, Python and Ruby. These languages were used to make our daily apps and websites that we have today. With the development of technology, our code is getting better each day, finding ways to automate code and so on.


Getting Started

If you have never coded anything before, the best I could recommend is to either start with HTML and CSS or Python. Both are suitable for beginners and they are quite unique in what they offer. HTML and CSS is used most commonly to design websites; without these two, who knows what the Internet would look like. However, after a while you might want to move on to back-end development, where all data and technical stuff is usually handled; that’s where languages such as Python come in! For example, when a contact form is used, on submitting the form the user data can be retrieved using Django, a framework in Python. But what I’m trying to say is that there are a ton of different programming languages, and it doesn’t have to be with Python or HTML and CSS. If you put your mind to it, you could learn anything.

Something that I would like to mention is to try and practise daily when it comes to programming as it doesn’t just stick instantly, at least for most people. Whatever it takes to become a fully comfortable programmer, just do it.


Why Learn It?

Well, programming is essentially the backbone for any technology company and so it’s what allows companies like Google and Facebook to achieve that ‘big cash’. If you are interested in becoming the next-big technological advancement, then why not check out my 5 Tips to Learn Programming Whilst at School or in a Job article.

Not to mention that with great achievement comes great rewards so as you become more experienced, your salary, as well as possible other benefits, could be added and increased. In general, programming is fun. You can literally create whatever you want if you really wanted to, from games to fully-responsive websites.