If you have never coded anything before, the best I could recommend is to either start with HTML and CSS or Python. Both languages are suitable for beginners and they are quite unique to each other. If you learn Python, then JavaScript, a scripting language used with HTML and CSS will be a stroll in the park due to how similar they are. Jumping back to the original topic, HTML and CSS are used to design websites and they are still used today; without these two, websites wouldn’t even exist. As you understand more and more of HTML and CSS, you might want to move on to the back-end of websites, where all the data and technical stuff is handled; that’s where languages such as Python come in! An example that explains what I mean is when a contact form is used; on submitting the form the data has to retrieved in some way by the website owners to perhaps fix the issue they are having. There are various different back-end languages, and it doesn’t have to be with Python and its frameworks, however they are the easiest to learn for those who just want a place to store all their user data.

Something that I would like to mention is to practise daily when it comes to programming as it doesn’t just stick, at least for most people. Enhance your understanding by creating websites or connecting the back-end to the front-end, whatever it takes to become a fully comfortable programmer, just do it.