Search Engine Optimisation.

What is SEO?

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a technique used to help your website rank better in Google using keywords taken from your content. We do also look at various other ways than using keywords to keep your website at a relatively high ranking. No web design agency can confirm that you will keep on top of Google, but with SEO strategies in place, it is likely that you will get noticed.

It takes time to get a good ranking but once you do, to hold on to it you should be regularly posting new content. SEO is more than creating links and content, it’s building your trade into a brand. We utilize the best practices of conventional PR and combine them with our information and skill in SEO to form campaigns that convey success. Below is how we plan on doing just that.

Getting To Know Your Brand

Getting to Know Your Brand

Reviewing How You Are Currently Doing

We will evaluate your current site (if you already have one) and previously used SEO methods to determine what we need to do to get you back in the game.

Reviewing How You're Currently Doing

Constructing an Effective Strategy

To establish a realistic and effective SEO plan, we will need to know how competitive the market is as well as your business goals. A well put together idea is the foundation to any online marketing campaign.

Understanding what should be accomplished, how we will do as such and what the achievement metric will be is essential to a successful progressing advertising relationship.

Constructing an Effective Strategy

Lets Begin

Now it’s time to begin on our master plan! We will complete regular audits after the SEO is implemented to guarantee that you’re still in accordance with industry refreshes and web calculation changes.

Lets Begin

The Design Process

This is how Bytinja likes to work on websites.

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