Startup Plan

Up to 6 Pages for your business to begin with.


Startup with Us

If you are a small or new business, you have come to the right place! We will create a professional and responsive website but at the same time, we understand that you do not require advanced functionality like our other plans and so we will ensure that the CMS is made easy to navigate, all at an inexpensive price.

Bytinja is responsible for designing and developing your site so once we have completed the design process, your website will be live in which we offer additional lifetime technical support should you require it.

All features included in this plan are listed below.



Responsive design is an approach to webpage creation that allows a site to adapt to different screen sizes. The goal of responsive design is to build webpages that detect the visitor’s screen size and orientation to change the layout accordingly.


Up to 6 Pages

The typical startup website will have home, about, contact us, terms, portfolio and services pages but it is ultimately up to you.


Full Content Management

You can manage and update your content whenever you wish and we offer lifetime technical support of your website. You will have 1 free content addition per month where this could be adding new pages or redesigning older pages.

SEO #1

SEO Optimisation

Optimising your website with SEO can increase sales by ranking your website higher in search engines.


Includes a Blog

Writing articles and publishing them to your website blog keeps your site fresh and will improve your SEO ranking over time.

Social Media Connections

Social Media Connections

You can include a Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest feed if you want to share your content on your website. This can help improve visibility.


Use a Form

Have customers submit forms that will send directly to your email address so that you can respond.

The Design Process

This is how Bytinja likes to work on websites.

Sign Up #1

Sign Up

Design #1


Development #1


Launch #1


Support #1