Simply, programming or coding however you want to call it, is a set of rules that a computer follows to execute programs. Programming can be done in multiple languages such as SQL, Java, Python and Ruby. These languages program our daily apps and websites, and with the development of technology, our code is getting better each day, finding ways to automate it and so on.

Why Learn It?

Well, programming is essentially the backbone of a technology company and so it is what allows companies like Google, and Facebook to achieve ‘big cash’. If you are interested in becoming the next-big technological advancement, then by all means get into the programming world.

As well as that, you as an individual will be paid a very respectable salary as programmers are needed in most companies. Not to mention that with great achievement comes great rewards so as you become more experienced, your salary as well as possible other benefits will be added and increased.

In general, programming is fun. You can literally create whatever you want (depending on the language). It allows you to experiment with code, from py games to fully-responsive websites.